Xiamen Zhonghe Commercial and Zhongyuan Shengbang participated in the exhibition together to boost the development of enterprises

Recently, Xiamen Zhonghe Commercial Trading Co., Ltd. (herein after referred to as "Xiamen Zhonghe") participated in two consecutive coating exhibitions, namely the China International Coatings Exhibition and the Russia International Paint and Coatings Exhibition. Through these international platforms for developing domestic and foreign business, sharing information and exchange experiences, discussing industry trends, and seeking partners, Xiamen Zhonghe's exclusively represented THR-318 and various chloride rutile titanium dioxide from Zhongyuan Shengbang were showcased. At the exhibition, Xiamen Zhonghe welcomed many new and old friends, and the team provided professional knowledge to answer questions for each customer and created an excellent experience with enthusiastic service for every visitor.


Looking back on recent exhibition experience, the company's CEO stated that:with the optimization of the national epidemic prevention and control policy, coupled with the first large-scale coating exhibition at the beginning of 2023, both international coating exhibitions had relatively large numbers of exhibitors and visitors. The exhibition venues were bustling with noise and people, and the Xiamen Zhonghe booth was particularly crowded. The display of several major "punch" products such as rutile titanium dioxide R856, R858, R318 attracted a large number of professional visitors from all over the world.


In front of the our booth, visitors carefully examined the details of titanium dioxide, took photos, requested relevant information and samples, and consulted the on-site staff in detail. They showed a strong interest in our products. Through participating in this exhibition, Our team also indirectly conducted market research and felt that the demand for titanium dioxide in the coating industry is unprecedented. At the same time, the future trend of the coating and titanium dioxide industry encouraged the distributor to continue to fully play their central and intermediary role, shorten the transportation distance of high-quality products, and benefit customers.


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